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We offers a variety of products and modules that can be applied to headphones, recorders, speakers and all other audio related applications, from professional to consumer productsSavitech develops software and applications to provide individualized solutions for customer's products.

Want to add USB audio to your devices? Or would like to have ultimate audio quality on your Bluetooth headphone? Need 3D surround solution? Type-C audio and Lighting audio requirement? Here, we've got all you need.

Hi-Fi USB Audio Solution

With our S-Core USB audio controller, our solution is able to go through development stage rapidly and turn in to production. From Hi-Fi audio to USB Type-c dongle and even Apple MFi product, we provide the best solution.   

LHDC Bluetooth Technology

LHDC™ is the next generation for the highest quality of wireless audio. LHDC™ ensures the most realistic and high definition wireless audio. There will be no more audio quality disparity between wireless and wired audio devices. Enjoy both convenience and high-quality that wireless audio via Bluetooth.



To ensure the best quality when using a headphone or earphone, we provide the amplifier solutions. Wide range application from PC motherboard, NB to digital headphones.

Professional Audio Recording

By combining S-Core USB audio controller and a high-quality ADC, our solution can provide extreme quality on recording application. We provide wide range recording solutions from studio to outdoor portable, support Android/iOS/Windows/Linux system.

Discrete IC

We provide solutions, not only powerful audio chip but also robust discrete IC including analog and digital.


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