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2020 Issues

To ensure that invited medias could enjoy the best audiovisual feast possible, we provide the STAX - the greatest headphone systems – for bringing the best experience.

Must conform to the balance of left and right channel output, using high-resolution bluetooth coding technology: LDAC or LHDC.

Savitech Corp., the advanced technology developer of LHDC™ Bluetooth high-quality technology protocols, which could significantly reduce the difference in audio quality between wireless and wired audio devices...

Savitech Corp., brings the enhanced logo concept of sonic vibration in the first public meeting with media, with the aim of introducing LHDC™'s codec technology to the audio-quality geek-type focused-media and self-media, including the product introduction of the hardware products of the technology..

The AQS brings together device vendors, upstream and downstream companies in the headset supply chain as well as audio chip manufacturers and professional testing institutions...

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