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Savitech Corp., the Developer of High-quality Bluetooth


Technology LHDC ™

Taipei, 2020 - Savitech Corp., the advanced technology developer of LHDC™ Bluetooth high-quality technology protocols, which could significantly reduce the difference in audio quality between wireless and wired audio devices, also provide the most realistic ultra-high-pitched sound quality, thus users can enjoy the convenience and high quality of Bluetooth wireless audio. LHDC's full name is Low-Latency Hi-Definition Audio Codec Technology and Bluetooth. (Low Latency and HD Audio Codec), is a high-quality Bluetooth codec developed under the A2DP Bluetooth protocol, which allows more than three times data transmittance to the Bluetooth SBC audio format; for market proven, Sennheiser in Germany, the leading audio brand, recently launched the IE 80S BT wireless earphones, which support the LHDC protocol, Savitech is committed to promote the LHDC protocol globally, in an effort to make it easier for consumers to enjoy the delicate and clear, higher restore listening experience.


The LHDC™ high-quality Bluetooth codec from Savitech is currently certified by three official associations: JAS (Japan Audio Association) –wireless certified Hi-Res Audio Wireless, AQS(Audio Quality Society) and HWA (Hi-Res Wireless Audio) - the China Audio Association, a Huawei-led alliance.  

Below is the relationship between the two associations and Savitech’s LHDC:

1. JAS Hi-Res & LHDC

Hi-Res is the Evaluation System of the Japan Sound Association for high-quality equipment. As the Bluetooth basic audio transmission protocol, LHDC and LDAC these two protocol standards are recognized as bluetooth audio HD transmission basic protocol. Hardware devices that use both encoding methods to apply for HiRes Wireless's product sound quality certification.


HWA is the mobile phone brand Huawei's certification system for high-quality Bluetooth audio products. HWA requires the audio products that apply its sound quality certification, under the premise of supporting LHDC protocol, also need to pass Huawei's hardware testing.

3. AQS & LHDC™

Audio Quality Society (AQS) brings together device vendors, upstream and downstream companies in the headset supply chain as well as audio chip manufacturers and professional testing institutions. The AQS technical standards will focus on six major areas to provide users with high-definition and professional sound quality. The electro-acoustic communication standard will ensure voice call quality through the true wireless stereo (TWS) earphones by undergoing 13 kinds of tests. The music sound effect standard supports LHDC (Low-Latency Hi-Definition Audio Codec) as well as the precision configuration of subjective and objective listening scores to ensure audio quality.


About Savitech

Savitech stands for the spirit of an energy-efficient, high-performance analog and mixed signal IC design fables. With the most experienced analog, mixed signal & integrated circuit design team, we provides advance audio to all the electrical devices, from Hi-Fi audio system to mobile phone. We offer individualized solutions for each audio application.

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