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Xiaomi and QQ Music teamed up with Savitech's LHDC-V5 to wirelessly release "master tape level" 24bit/192kHz audio quality

2023 - Savitech Corp., the advanced technology developer of LHDC™ Bluetooth high-quality technology protocols, which could significantly reduce the difference in audio quality between wireless and wired audio devices, also provide the most realistic ultra-high-pitched sound quality, thus users can enjoy the convenience and high quality of Bluetooth wireless audio. Last December, Xiaomi Buds 4 became the world's first TWS earbuds to support LHDC-V5, with a maximum support of 24bit/192kHz and Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification. LHDC is an internationally recognized high-definition audio technology, and the JAS Hi-Res Audio Wireless standard specifies that true wireless earbuds must use LHDC coding and decoding. LHDC can bring consumers a better audio experience.

The 24bit/192kHz music format has become the mainstream standard for high-quality music. As a leading domestic streaming music platform, QQ Music under Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) launched the industry's first "Master Tape" technology at the end of 2022, covering nearly a million "Master Tape level" audio sources and leading the industry's sound quality revolution. To achieve a high-quality wireless Bluetooth earphone audio experience, a high-definition Bluetooth audio codec protocol is needed. LHDC-V5 developed by Savitech uses a fifth-generation core algorithm to elevate wireless audio transmission resolution to "Master Tape level" 24bit/192kHz.

Xiaomi, QQ Music, and Savitech LHDC-V5 have joined forces, guided by technology, to unleash the 24bit/192kHz quality of "master tape" and officially usher in the "masterpiece era" of audio. The "master tape" will also stimulate new vitality for the development of audio technology.

LHDC-V5 is the world's first Bluetooth codec protocol that supports a sampling rate of 24bit/192KHz.


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Savitech stands for the spirit of an energy-efficient, high-performance analog and mixed signal IC design fables. With the most experienced analog, mixed signal & integrated circuit design team, we provides advance audio to all the electrical devices, from Hi-Fi audio system to mobile phone. We offer individualized solutions for each audio application.

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